Aug 18, 2014

Plans for a nurgle team

I've played a couple of games with nurgle online (both Cyanide and FUMBBL) and I like the way they play (or rather hinder the opponent team from playing).

I started with this roster:

1 BoN
4 Warriors
1 Pestigor
5 Rotters
2 ReRolls

and so far I'm at 3-2-0 (W-D-L) (FUMBBL and Cyanide combined).
I had to try this team on the tabletop.

So I set out to find some miniatures that I could use for my nurgle team.

I started with the pestigors and found a couple of the old warhammer pestigors on Ebay.

Warhammer pestigors
I need to do some cutting and green stuffing to make them more blood bowly, but it should be relatively easy.

After finding them, I started looking for a set of warriors and had a look at the Avatars of War warriors, but then I remembered that I'll get a set of the Apocalyptic Hunters from Impact Miniatures as part of their latest kickstarter. They'll be perfect, with a bit of green stuffing and head swapping.

Apocalyptic hunter Set from Impact Miniatures
Finding a spawn proved to be a bit more of a challenge. I started biding for a Warhammer one on Ebay, but I got outbid. Thankfully though, I found a better version from Kromlech.
Morbid Spawn from Kromlech
Now I was just missing the rotters. I initially thought I'd just use my zombies as rotters, but then I found something better, Blights from Heresy Miniatures. Same here, a bit of green stuff and they'll be good to go.

Blights from Heresy Miniatures
So there you have it, my plans for a new nurgle team. I'll update you as the project moves along. I'll probably prepare the miniatures quite soon, but they'll have to wait a bit before being painted. I'd like to finish my 'flings as well as my dark elves before starting with my nurgle, human, chaos pact or orcs. So much to paint, so little time.


  1. Hey, any progress on the Nurgles?
    No stress, just curious to see what they'll look like. Really nice BoN mini.

    1. Not yet. I have all the miniatures but haven't started yet since I don't want to have too many unpainted teams laying around. I'm working on my elves at the moment, but I'll build the nurgle team at some point. I'll probably do a blog post about it

    2. Yeah thats probably wise.
      I wish I had the same approach.