Jul 10, 2018

Braunschweig Open

First ever Braunschweig Open and 16 coaches showed up to play five games of blood bowl. A win awarded 2 points and a draw 1 point.
A small, but good tournament and I'll be back next year. 
Following my disappointing result at Preußenbowl, I decided to give dwarves another go. Could I perhaps improve?


I had 1200 TV to play with (including skills (max 7, no double)) and played the following roster;
2 Runners
2 Blitzers (2xGuard)
Troll Slayer
7 Longbeards (4xGuard, Mighty Blow)
2 Re-rolls
2 Fan Factor (one fan factor free due to roster being sent in on time)

Game 1 vs Nurgle

First game saw me up against a hard as nails nurgle roster and exactly what I didn't want to face. My opponent played a 12 man roster (4 warriors (2xblock, 2xguard), 2 pestigors (2xblock), BoN (guard), 5 rotters (5xblock) and 1 re-roll).
I started with the ball and went for a surf in turn 1, but double both downs sadly stopped the rotter from being surfed. I was hoping for a man advantage early, to really optimizes my guard.

No surf in turn 1
I went all in on going down the side and was hoping to knock enough of his players down to move through, which could have worked as my opponent had given me a chain push, to push a longbeard forward, next to his last line of defense. Sadly, that turn saw me fail three foul appearance rolls and I was stopped in my tracks.

Dwarves going down one side

This left me with one option, a potato play. I managed to dodge both my runners through his defense (one dodge each), but the blitzer, that was suppose to protect them didn't manage to get away from the BoN. The runners were knocked down and the half ended 0-0.

Potato play
We ran out of time and didn't pay the whole half, but I don't think that the result would have been different. My opponent ran down with both his pestigors and I managed to knock one down and base the other one, having two players waiting for their next move and the rest of his team was based.

The game ended 0-0 (2-0)

Game 2 vs Dwarves

Second game and I was up against one of the three dwarf teams at the tournament. My opponent was a new tournament player and his roster saw just eleven players (runner (block), 2 troll slayers, 2 blitzers, 6 longbeards (all with guard)) and no apo. He had four re-rolls, which I think hurt him as he needed the apo and a twelfth player. Being down in numbers is not what you want as dwarves. 

I received the ball in the first half and started knocking down his players and made a push towards one of the sides. He took the bait and went towards that side, leaving me the possibility to cut back and divide his team. I then started surfing his players on the other side, while he headed backwards with the players on the wrong side. As my opponent engaged me on the other side, I switch back to the middle of the field which was now open. I believe that my opponent had seven dwarves left on the field at the end of the half. I had also managed to casualty one of the longbeards.

Kick off!
My opponent was down on players and guard. He moved towards one side and I set up a defense, stopping him and preventing him from doing what I did, cutting back towards the other side. I again surfed his players and after a turn or two, his ball carrier went off the pitch. The ball scattered in to my half and my runner went back to pick it up. I left him a one die blitz (in to a two dice against) with a marked troll slayer, which he took and made. It wasn't too bad though, as I could recover the ball. I had also sent a blitzer up the field in turn 14 (which he ignored) and in turn 16, I made a GFI and a quick pass for my second score.

The game ended 2-0 (1-0)

Game 3 vs Orcs

Orcs, a tough match up for dwarves. They had two guard and two block BOBs. Two of the blitzers had mighty blow and the thrower had leader. I got the ball first and slowly moved up the pitch. Not much to say about the first half. I got bogged down (the blizzard not helping my speed) and lost the ball (and my runner was MNGed) as well as a guard longbeard, which I used my apo on. It was 0-0 at half time.

Start of turn 2 for the dwarves
The second half saw the orcs moving up extremely slowly (although the weather change to nice) and I could set up a solid defense. The turning point was mid half, when my mighty blow longbeard knocked out the troll. This made things easier as he lost a bit of strength advantage. He did however break through with two blitzers in turn 15. After marking the closest one, I decided to put pressure on the cage instead. Marking the thrower and the other cage corners, forcing him to dodge and blitz away my players, which he did. All he had to do was make the pass in turn 16, but fumbled it. Even if his pass had been successful (5+) the receiver would have still needed to catch and GFI for the touchdown.

The game ended 0-0 (0-2)

Game 4 vs Dwarves

I was yet again up against AV9 and the third dwarf team at the tournament. However, I was looking forward to seeing what the deathroller roster (deathroller, 2 runners (leader, block), 2 blitzers (2xguard), troll slayer, 6 longbeards (3xguard, mighty blow), 1 re-roll) could do. It was also played by one of the better dwarf players in Germany, so I was hopefully in for a lesson.

I got the ball first and tried to go up one side which didn't work when a blitz resulted in a skull and both down, bogging me down next to the side line.

Going down one side line
Commiting to one side
 I had some of my players surfed and decided to change my strategy in the middle of the first half. I retreated and wanted to hold the 0-0 at halftime, hoping to be up on players (the deathroller would be sent off and any KO/CAS would help me be up on players). The ball was however blitz and recovered by my opponent. I could blitz his runner with the ball in turn 8 and got the ball on the ground again, covering it with two players. In his turn 8, the ball was then picked up by his runner (after clearing one of my players marking the ball), but the pass was failed, saving the 0-0 at half time.

After my turn 8. The runner with a white band and the blitzer are in scoring range
To make thing worse for my opponent, his KO didn't wake up and the deathroller was indeed sent off, as was his coach, on a 1. This left my 11 dwarves (6 guard) to his 9 (3 guard). The kick was deep and in my turn 9, I KOed another longbeard. Things were grim for my opponent as I overwhelmed him with guard and just waited for the right time to pounce on his runner with the ball. Once I did, he responded by picking the ball up and punting it down deep in my half. Brilliant move and I had to run back with my runner to pick it up. The position meant that I had to make 4 GFIs in order to score. My turn 15 was extreme, seeing me make 8 GFIs and set up a screen around my runner. My opponent couldn't do much to stop me and I scored in turn 16.

The game ended 1-0 (1-0)

Although I won, I was still given a lesson on how to play dwarves. The punt was brilliant and something I'll take with me for future games.

Game 5 vs Lizardmen

Last game of the tournament and I could theoretically win the whole thing, but it was unlikely. It was however not probable, as I was up against lizardmen, one of my least favorite race to play against. They have it all, speed, strength and armour.

My opponent was playing with 12 lizards, all saurus with block and the krox with guard. Like me, there were just two team re-rolls.

My opponent received the ball and forced me to spread out and defending the whole width of the field. I made a mistake on one side. I should have pushed a saurus away instead of going for a second block. The push would have left me with more longbeards to move away, leaving me in a better position.

First kick off
This saw his skinks speeding down one side, out of my reach. I then followed up with a gamble, fouling his krox (playing for the second half), since my players were there. I rolled a double 6 on the armour and then just stunned the krox, which made it a bad trade. It also enabled my opponent to stall longer and he scored in turn 8. In my turn 8, I KOed a saurus, which then got back up for the second half.

I spent the second half slowly moving up the field and I thought I'd manage the draw, but one annoying saurus among my longbeards just wouldn't go down. It finally did, but after eight block dice and I had to keep my position. That in turn enabled my opponent to solidify his defense. It meant that I had to do riskier moves and it just didn't result in the much needed touchdown.

The game ended 0-1 (0-1)


I ended up in fifth place on a 2-2-1 record. More importantly, I just allowed one touchdown and would have won the best defense award, had there been one.

All in all, I was very happy with my second dwarf tournament. They aren't my cup of tee, but I find that playing them evolves my game. Especially the fact that the game is made up of two halves. Playing elves can sometimes be a higher pace game, which makes it feel like you need to win the game in one half. As an example, in game 4, I played the long game, surrounding the first half in favor of the second half. I kind of do that with elves too, just trying to keep my opponent from scoring and not going for the ball at all, but I guess I'm saying that you should never panic. There's always second half and changing you strategy in the first half in favor of it shouldn't be overlooked.

Another thing I already knew that I wanted to try was the deathroller. Seeing it being used as I use my tree man with wood elves made me want to try it even more. Here's some wip pictures of my deathroller.

Deathroller wip
The next time I play dwarves at a tournament, I'll probably bring the deathroller along. I don't know when that will be. Perhaps for next years Preußenbowl. Can't get much worse than it did this year, right?

My next tournament will be the German Team Bowl and I'm probably playing wood elves (also considering pro elves) which will be a change of pace. I've missed playing AG4 this year and getting back to more familiar playing styles will be nice.

Thanks for reading.

May 27, 2018

Underground Cup IV

Underground Cup IV

This was one of the two tournaments I'm co-organizing with Spielmacher and you can find the rules for the tournament on our webpage.

As I won't be able to play in many tournaments this year (due to life), I decided to play as a normal participant. This meant that all my organizing would be prior to the actual tournament.

I had a real struggle on deciding a roster for the tournament, going from dwarves to undead, but as it turns out, fate would have it otherwise. As I was still an organizer, we had said that I'd switch to halflings, if we had someone turn in a stunty roster, in order to have a best stunty award. A halfling roster was sent (and later also an ogre and a goblin roster) in and I played the following;


2 Treemen (2xBlock)
10 Halflings (4xSide Step)
Master Chef
Assistant Coach

This is more or less my standard halfling roster, although the current meat seems to swing towards Karla and Zara, but I don't have them painted. I was also thinking about going with the Karla and Willow roster, but again, not painted.

Regarding skills, block trees are awesome and I feel that four side steppers is the perfect amount to have. Everything else would just be icing on the cake (in my case, I like to take two diving tacklers and a sure feeter).

Game 1 vs Halflings (Cubefarmer)

What a draw, I was up against a fellow halfling player. Deeproot took money from both team and "ran" for it, but his roster didn't include Puggy, which mine did. He had a reroll instead, which I stole.
I started with the ball and scored at the end of my drive. I then prevented his OTTM attempt with my set up.
In the second half, one of his tree rooted early and I could pressure him (both with position and Puggy blitzes, taking out his halflings) which resulted in an early throw. The halfling scattered backwards, towards my defense and landed in two tacklezones. The flung fling didn't make it and the ball landed in the outstretched arms of one of my flings. I scored in turn 16, sealing the deal.

It was a fun game, but the second half was very one sided.

TD 2-0
CAS 3-2

Game 2 vs Norse (Kohli)

A norse roster without and apo and just 12 players. He'd gone for a sure hands thrower, kick lineman and block on the Yeti. Not the skills I would have gone for, but I'm not a norse player.

I got to kick the ball and was hoping for some damage in order to control the second half. The game started with a blitz and a fling off the field, but my trees responded with two CAS and that got the ball rolling. I could get the ball safe and scored late in my drive. After the second half, my opponent had seven players left on the field, to my ten.

Things just continued the way they started and I pitch cleared my opponent and scored in turn 16.

TD 2-0
CAS 6-4

Game 3 vs Humans (Madfrog)

This was my second game on table 1, but I knew that it wouldn't last. Humans can be quite difficult for flings and this proved to be the case. He pressured me and I lost Puggy to a failed dodge midway through the first half. This prevented me from scoring, but I could stop him from scoring as well.

In the second half, I stole zero rerolls, which made this an uphill battle. I pressured him and had two 1d blitzes on the ball, but both were pushes. I pushed his ball carrier into my endzone in turn 14, leaving me two turns to score a OTTM. Sadly, the kick landed on the sideline, in the endzone. Worst case scenario and I failed a GFI after picking the ball up, which meant that I couldn't get to the ball at all. The human player later went on to winning the whole tournament, so not too sad about losing. Was a fun and close game.

TD 0-1
CAS 2-*don't remember*

Game 4 vs Dwarves (Steinhammer)

Game 4 and best stunty was still up for grabs. I was also in the running for Best Defense, Most CAS and Most TD! I didn't like my chances though, being up against dwarves.

Before Deeproot was killed
I got to receive the ball and thought the game to be lost when he in turn 2 blitz Deeproot with his mighty blow troll slayer. A 5 on the dauntless, knock down and then an 11 on the armour. Shit....a 9 for the injury, plus that mighty blow. No Deeproot! The situation was dire and I didn't manage to score (but neither did he). 

Star of the second half

He played very conservative in the second half, but went down one sideline and after Puggy blocked a blocker away, I could blitz a tree in next to his runner. He dodged out and passed over the tree, which of course made the interception. I had enough turns to score with a treeman, but failed my dodges to screen the tree off. This meant that he could again blitz with a troll slayer, getting the tree down. Sad as it was, that we weren't going to see a treeman TD, I managed to get the ball back and run a fling out of reach from his team. I could score the winning TD in turn 16.

TD 1-0
CAS 4-4


I had so much fun this tournament and very happy, that fate decided to have me take flings. In the end, I won Best Stunty and Best Defense, being the only player to just allow one TD. 

I managed to inflict 15 CAS, which was one less than the Most CAS-winner on 16.

Here are the final standing, which saw me in fourth place. I was ecstatic with my performance and 3-0-1 with flings is a great result.

Thanks for reading

Mar 4, 2018

Preußenbowl 2018

First tournament of the year and I was using my recently painted dwarf team. I was back and forth on taking the dwarves as my practice games with them didn't go splendid, so I was thinking of taking my wood elves again. I did however settle on the dwarves as the team is painted and it's good to try something new from time to time.


I went with a roster that my friend Spielmacher has won two tournaments with, but I changed one skill. I went with wrestle on a runner instead of mighty blow on a longbeard. It's good against some opponents, but less so against others. In hindsight, the mighty blow would probably have been better.

2 Runners (wrestle)
2 Blitzers (2xguard)
Troll Slayer
7 Longbeards (3xguard)
3 Rerolls

The roster is hard as nails, in theory, but it seemed like the dwarves forgot to pack their armour for this tournament.

Game 1 vs Norse

First game was against an 11 man norse team without an apothecary, which on paper should have gone better for me than it did. I was hoping to get the choice of receiving of kicking, but was forced to kick. I was still hopeful though, but it didn't really go according to plan. My opponent stunned a dwarf on turn 1 and I removed a lineman in turn 2, but then it went south from there and I found myself outnumbered early in the first half. My opponents yeti was phenomenal and didn't wild animal once, only got one none pow block/blitz and didn't cause a turnover in the whole game. He didn't remove dwarves in the beginning, but he got hot later in the game. 
The dwarves kicking in the first half
I had one shoot at the ball carrier in the first half and needed a push to get a guard on the ball carrier, then a 3+ dodge for the blitz with the wrestle runner. Sadly, the block was a skull, rerolled into a push. The dodge was then a 2. My opponent could stall out the half and I got three armor breaks in my turn 8, but nothing more than a stunned lineman to show for it.

Second half didn't start half bad, but my opponent got the dice he needed including two 4+ dodges with his ulfwerner for the sack. Yes, I could perhaps positioned better, but I was somehow outnumbered in the first half of the second half as well. One of the removals was cause by me, trying to dodge a blitzer (using a reroll) and failed, resulting in a CAS. I did however get some removals in the later part of the game, but by then it was all over.

The game ended in a 0-1 (1-4) loss and I wasn't happy with the result as I felt that a draw would have been fair.

Game 2 vs Orcs

The tournament was full of elves and skaven, so I wasn't too happy to face orcs instead of an AV7 race. I had played my opponent in a practice game prior to the tournament and had problems in that game due to too many stuns. In that game, my opponent used his troll to blitz, but surely that couldn't work in two games...

The orc roster was made up of 4 blitzers (tackle, mighty blow), 4 BOBs (2xblock, 2xguard), thrower, troll, goblin, lineorc and 3 rerolls.
Dwarf getting the ball in the first half
I got to choose if I wanted to start with the ball, which I chose, in the hope of getting someone off the field or perhaps a stunned. The half started out great and my opponent overcommitted on one flank which open up a hole for me to move through. He also lost a black orc early and had a second one surfed (KO) mid first half. Sadly for me, he blitzed with his troll, even GFIing in to my position and could halt my advance. The turn after that happened, I messed up a chain push and was in a bad position, but he couldn't really capitalize. He did get the ball, picking it up in four tackle zones, but I got the ball back. A turn or two later, he managed to blitz with his runner (without anything) and killed my wrestle runner. The half ended 0-0.

In the second half, I figured that I should put him under pressure and sent some dwarves in to his backfield. This resulted in a thrown ball down the field, which I wasn't expecting at all, as it was quite risky. My opponent then figured that he'd blitz with one of the BOBs with guard instead of scoring a touchdown. Nuffle doesn't like actions like that and it was a 1 in 81. I could then surf his ball carrier, but the ball stayed in my half. I managed to pick it up with a blitzer, but he 1d him to the ground, moving off with the ball. I tried the same, but skulled the blitzer down. My opponent then scored, but left me enough time to perhaps score an equalizer.

I started well with a touchback and a quick snap, but he managed to dodge through with his goblin in turn 16 and a blitzing lineorc, knocking the ball carrier down. I should have made a GFI with my troll slayer to cover that play better, but I wasn't really expecting it to work, dodging through a dwarf team. The game ended 0-1 (1-2).

Game 3 vs Dark Elves

After two loses, I should be able to have an easier game in game 3, right?
I was up against Sprinter with his dark elves. He's a good coach (won our tournament Underground Cup 2017 with dark elves) and this wasn't going to be easy.

I got the ball in the first half, but the kick was awful and landed next to the LOS, in one of the wide zones, on the sideline. Sprinter then rolled a perfect defense.

That's a bad kick, if you're a dwarf
I started the game by making a bad tactical choice, but I was afraid of not being able to pick the ball up and it bouncing out, towards his half. What happened was that the elves pick the ball up in their first turn and I was playing defense for the rest of the game.

I did have a shot at 1-1 before halftime, but my blitzer failed a GFI and killed himself instead.
That was the story of the game and you can tell that it's not going well when you play your opponents team and discuss what moves are the best ones. The game ended 0-2 (2-1).

Game 4 vs Nurgle

Last game of the tournament and I still had a chance to win a prize, the wooden spoon. I was up against nurgle (BoN (guard, 3 burgle warriors (3xblock), 3 pestigors (sure hands, dodge, frenzy), 5 rotters, 3 rerolls) and the guy in the lead for Most CAS. Don't ask me how though as he only had three block and one mighty blow.

This guys dice were hot and he managed to stun a dwarf per turn (or worse). I had nine dwarves at the end of the first half, but still managed to halt his advance and the half ended 0-0.

In the second half, I moved up the pitch and scored my first touchdown of the day(!), giving him three turns to equalize, but I stopped him again, wining the game 1-0 (0-3).


I sustained seven casualties, which is the same number I took playing wood elves at Xmas Bowl 2017. I caused seven casualties, which is half of what I managed with my wood elves. If you had asked me prior to the two tournaments, I would have expected the dwarves to dish out more hurt, but that's the way it is sometimes.

I'll give the dwarves another go sometime. It can't get much worse.
The wrestle runner will get switch for a mighty blow longbeard. I do like playing elves more than dwarves, but it's good to switch it up sometimes and it was more fun that I thought it would be and considering how bad this tournament went, it should be quite fun, if it goes halfway as planned.

More pictures from the tournament can be found here.

Thanks for reading.

Jan 1, 2018

Update for 2017

It's been a while since I've posted on the blog and there's a good reason for it. I was blessed with my second daughter in August and have since used my free time for the hobby and not the blog.

I hope to remedy this in 2018, but I thought I'd update you on what I've been up to hobby-wise since my last post.


I've played in two tournaments since my last post. I played two games as the odd man out at Underground Cup and finished the year of with XMas Bowl.

Underground Cup III

I played pro elves in round 1 and in round 5. Spielmacher, my co-organiszer played the other games as I had to get back to my family.

The tournament was a success and I won one game and lost to the tournament champion, Sprinter in round 1 (although it was a close game).

We've decided to change Underground Cup to a one day tournament with four games (as the first instance) and introduce a new tournament, the Berlin Open as a two day tournament in September. We hope to get a large amount of attendees from the rest of Europe since we offer something that's quite rare now, the "TV110 + (5+1) Skills"-format.

XMas Bowl

As last year, I went with wood elves, but this time with a different roster. A roster that I like more than others, but I haven't had enough linemen painted before to field it. There were some special tournament rules in place, like a free snotling (with sneaky git and loner), a free cheerleader if the roster was handed in on time and the winter pitch weather table was in play.

2 Wardancers (Strip Ball)
7 Linemen (2xWrestle, Block, 2xDodge)
3 Rerolls
(Free Cheerleader)
(Free Snotling)

Game 1 vs Skaven
This was a weird game. It had it all. Three blitzes and two one turner attempts (mine was successful).
The game ended 2-2, but could easily have gone 3-2 for either side.

The elves score the first TD of the game
Game 2 vs Skaven

My opponent was newish to the game and gave me too much space to work with. I could easily screen off and he also placed too many players in contact. The game should have ended 2-0 for me, but a crazy set of rolls made it 2-1.
My opponent gave me too much space to work with
Game 3 vs Norse
I was up against a coach that I play once in a while for tournament training. Things looked okay for him util I had a monster turn were I removed four players (1 KO, rest CAS). After that turn, the game was more or less over. It would have been 3-0 if a hand off wasn't dropped on a 1 reroll 1 in the last turn.
Defending in the first half
Game 4 vs Dark Elves
My opponent was quite unlucky in combination with being to aggressive. It resulted in turnovers when he was out of position. I won the game 3-1 and some of it was thanks to his players being removed by the turnovers (and my players). The game could have ended 4-1 in turn 16, but once again, 1 reroll 1 stopped that.

After round 4, there were two coaches on 3-1-0. I thought I had won the tournament, but as it turned out, we had the same Net TD (first tiebreaker) and the second tiebreaker was Net CAS, which was my problem. I had suffered too many casualties and the other coach hadn't (orcs). I came in second for the second year in a row, but this year I also left with Most TD and to my surprise Most CAS.
I was happy with my result but sad that I would have won the tournament if any of the turn 16 scores would have worked in game 3 and 4. So close, but I'll be back next year!

Most CAS, 2nd Place and Most TD


I've managed to get some hobbying done in the evenings, when the girls were in bed. I had parental leave for the first month and managed to paint half a dwarf team, which was more than I thought I'd manage. I kept on with hobbying in the evenings and managed to finish the team before Christmas.

I also primed my dice tower to have a scoreboard and weather icons.

Dice Tower

I added magnets to the dice tower and covered it in planks made out of plastic card. I then made scoreboard markers and weather icons out of plastic card and glued them to a thin metal foil. Worked like a charm and I can now just point to the dice tower when people come up to me at tournaments, asking for the score.
wip of the scoreboard
final version

Dwarf Team

It was due time to paint the dwarf team from the Iron Golems kickstarter.

I've still got a deathroller (from Vortice Miniatures) to paint, but I'll probably wait a bit as I'm keen on starting something else...
I'm going to use the dwarves at Preußenbowl in February with this roster.

2 Runners (Wrestle)
2 Blitzers (2xGuard)
1 Troll Slayer
7 Long Beards (3xGuard)
3 Rerolls

First game with the dwarves and everything goes wrong
I've already played one practice game against Spielmacher and the unconventional wrestle skill on a runner suits me perfectly. I might have been playing too much wood elves and wrestle is one of my favorite skills (the other being diving tackle)

Thanks for reading and I'll hopefully post ofter this year!

Jul 23, 2017

Sturm der Hiebe 2017

Sturm der Hiebe 2017

This was my first time attending one of DocMAXs smaller tournaments (he organizes the Dungeonbowl), but it won't be my last. Everything from the chilly for lunch to the actual blood bowl was great.


I took my wood elves to the tournament as I like playing them and feel like I can get better with them.

Treeman - Guard
2x Wardancers - Strip Ball (orange)
2x Catchers
Thrower - Leader
5x Linemen - 2x Wrestle (green), Block (neon green)
2x Reroll
Assistant Coach

Game 1 vs Lizards

First game was against my friend Spielmacher and we've played several game against each other. I was a bit disappointed to play him, since we play each other so often, but our games are always fun. I also knew that it was going to be tough since he's a good player.

Nice Weather

The game kicked off with some brilliant coaching from the opposing team (one reroll awarded on the kick off table).
The teams aligned for the kick off
The lizards could scoop up the ball and move down the pitch and even CAS a catcher in turn 4, but that's when their advance was halted.

I managed to get a 1d blitz with strip ball on the ball carrier which resulted in the ball being on the floor.

Ball on the floor
I didn't manage to pick the ball up  until two turns later and wanted to pass one of my war dancers, but I had to risk an interception from a saurus and off course my opponent rolled that 6.

Start of my turn 6
End of my turn 6, Taurus interception
The saurus walked in on turn 8 which left me with a shoot at the one turn touchdown, which I almost made. I failed the firs GFI out of three. A shame. I would have felt much better about the game if I had gone in to the second half with a 1-1 result.

The one turn TD set up
The second half started with a riot and a quick score from the wood elves (in turn 11).

The elves then kick off to the lizards, but managed to change their defensive set up in the process, which meant that the lizards were under pressure directly.

I went for some elfen bull shit in my next turn and dodged my strip ball wardacner in to the lizard cage/screen for a 1d on the ball, which was striped, but still in two tacklezones. I then leaped with the dancer, picked the ball up and dodged away.

End of my turn 12. The ball is with the strip ball dancer
I then scored in my 13th turn and the kick off result was a quick snap.
The lizards didn't manage to pick the ball up, which meant that I could go for it and I got the ball in turn 14.

The lizards failed to pick the ball up
The elves make the most of the failed pick up
This resulted in a third touchdown for the elves in turn 15.

End 3-1 (0-3)

Game 2 vs Orcs

Nice weather

I started by kicking the ball to my opponent, which is how I like to start a game against a slow moving bash team. The kick was shallow and the ball ended up close to the LOS. No ideal, but it also put my opponent under pressure to pick up the ball in his first turn.

The ball being kicked close to the LOS
My opponent was fairly new to the game and he left an opening for me in my turn 4, which I took. I got a 2d blitz on his thrower (without block) and could pick up with the blitzing wardancer.

The strip ball wardancer with the ball after the blitz
I however had to sacrifice a lineman, which was surfed, but he blitzed the lineman out, which meant that my ball carrier was safe.

I then scored in my 5th turn and on the following kick off an orc blitzer was stunned by a rock.

A stunned orc blister next to the ball
I was able to keep my opponent out of the endzone and the half ended 1-0 for me an surprisingly without casualties (but two KOs for me).

9 (well, 8 and a tree) should be enough to score against 11 orcs, but the half started with a pitch invasion, which had me worried due to the +2 FAME for my opponent. I was extremely lucky that he only stunned two of my players.

After the pitch invasion
I scored in my 11th turn (still no casualties) and set up 8 players against his 11.
The weather changed to a blizzard as I kicked the ball to my opponent, which was good for me as it should slow the orcs down.

Elves scoring the second touchdown

Things were starting to change to the more normal state of elves going off the pitch. The orcs scored in their turn 15 and had by then inflicted three casualties, but it didn't really matter as I had won the game by then.

End 2-1 (0-3)

Game 3 vs Lizardmen

Nice weather

Second game against lizardmen and I was yet again up against a good coach. This time it was Junior84 and he got the ball to start the game which he didn't even have to pick up as a saurus caught the ball as it bounced in to its hands. In hindsight, this was a good thing for me as it was once less saurus to worry about. One player less, that was swinging away at the elves.

Saurus (behind the Kroxigor) with the ball
The first turn saw a lineelf leave the pitch at the hands of the remaining sauruses, but the half was otherwise quite uneventful as the elves zig zaged to where ever the lizards were going.

Elves moving from side to side to stop the lizards
This continued until turn 6 when the Kroxigor rolled a double skull (first action of the turn) and failed its loner roll.

Start of turn 6 for the lizardmen
This presented the elves with the opportunity to strip the ball but they couldn't pick the ball up. It did however scatter quite fortunate for the elves and the lizards didn't manage to pick the ball up for the rest of the half.

Failed pick up but a good bounce. The ball ended up next to the block lineman in turn 7
As I was getting the ball in the second half my plan was to score quickly to at least secure the draw which I did, after some risky actions (3+ leap, 1d blitz and 2+ dodge (with dodge)) in turn 11.

Elves on their way to the endzone
My opponent came very close to scoring in the second half, to tie the game, but failed a GFI just in front of the endzone.

End 1-0 (1-1)

I was happy with the result and after day 1 I was now on 3-0-0 and I already knew that I was up against the other wood elf player, also on 3-0-0.

But before that there were some activities in Marians garten including grilled sausages and beer.
A nice evening and I very much enjoyed having a chat with the other players outside of the tournament.

Game 4 vs Wood Elves

Nice weather

I kicked the ball to my opponent and if I had had the chice, I would have wanted the ball as well, just to get some blocks in and maybe gain a numbers advantage, but my opponent didn't take the opportunity and just left the treeman in contact.

The set up

He wanted to score in two turns and set up to do so, but failed the hand off to his catcher (in a tacklezone) which meant that I could steal the ball.

Before the failed hand off to his catcher

He got the ball on the ground with his strip baller and I did the same in my turn 3, but failed to pick it up due to a 1 reroll 1.

I lost a catcher in my opponents turn 4, but retaliated in my turn 4, removing one of his linemen.
I also got the ball in turn 4 and could score in my 5th turn.

The first touchdown off the game is scored

My opponent responded by scoring in turn 7 and I failed to score again before the half.
I was still okay with a 1-1 at halftime and I also had the numbers going in to the second half (10 vs 9).

My opponent somehow scored from this position in turn 7

All I had to do now was to slowly move up the pitch in a cage, forcing him to leap and hopefully fail something as he just had two rerolls. This was my plan going in to this game, but don't ask me why, but that's not what I did.

Moving up the pitch behind a screen instead of a cage
I think I was being influenced by my opponents play stile and the kind of game it had already been, so I moved up the field behind a lose screen. The opposite to what I should have done. My opponent leaped in, striped the ball and was off with it. He scored in his turn 13.

As we set up for the following kick off, I still thought I could save the draw. He rolled for the kick off event and it was a BLITZ!

I still managed to get the ball and made a run for it, but didn't make it. The game ended in a loss, but was still an exciting game. I should have stuck with the plan I had formed the day before, but in the heat of battle, you tend to forgot stuff.

End 1-2 (1-1)

Game 5 vs Lizardmen

Nice weather

I kicked to my opponent and rolled a perfect defense. A good start.

Set up before the perfect defense
 It was a deep kick so I decided to put pressure on my opponent immediately.

Pressuring the cage
I could even get a blitz on the ball carrying skink in my turn 3, but wasn't able to recover the ball.
In my 5th turn, I made a fatal error. I hadn't blitzed yet and could still move my thrower. My gut feeling was telling me that I shouldn't jeopardize the thrower, but I went for it anyway. I wasted a rerolled on a dodge for the thrower and got pushed for the blitz on a skink. I followed up the blitz as well, which meant that my opponent blocked the thrower and injured him, leaving me without the leader reroll for the second half. This was foolish on my part. Lesson to be learned, you don't need to blitz overturn just because you have a blitz action.

In my opponents 7th turn, he injured a lineman as well, which meant that I would be down on players for the second half.

Lizards moving up the pitch

The first half did end 0-0 as my opponent blitzed a wrestle lineman with his guard saurus (to open a lane for his skink) with a double both down result. He didn't have any rerolls left and I didn't use wrestle.

It was now 8 elves and a treeman against a full team of lizardmen. The quick off was a quick snap.
My plan was to stall as long as possible, but I believe that this was the wrong plan. In hindsight, I should have scored quickly to ensure the draw (more or less), but instead I started to lose more elves and used up my rerolls. I eventually lost the ball due to a 1 reroll 1 dodge (including a injured elf) and the ball was scoped up by my opponent for a touchdown in turn 14.

Kick off after the lizardmen scored
By this point, I didn't have the numbers nor the rerolls to tie the game.

End 0-1 (1-3)

Game 6 vs Lizardmen

Pouring Rain

I was hoping to kick the ball to my opponent, forcing him to pick the ball up in the rain, but he got the choice. He then rolled a weather change on the kick off table, but the rain kept pouring down.

I scored in my 5th turn as I couldn't safely stall and I knew that he'd probably have a difficult time picking up the ball. At least I hoped he would, but a saurus caught the bouncing ball on a 6. So much for that plan. Bright spot though, the ball was on a saurus, which meant that there were less saurus hitting my players.

I managed to stop him from scoring, which meant that it was 1-0 at halftime.

I had 9 players for the second half and he had 10.
We both got a reroll from the kick off event as he moved up the pitch after picking the ball up in the rain.

Stealing the ball
I managed to steal the ball from him and could score in turn 11. It was a weird game as I had inflicted 2 casualties to his zero so far.

The next kick off gave us another set of rerolls and I went all in for the ball. Worst thing that could happen was a 2-1, but I managed to surf his ball carrier and could scope up the ball for a turn 16 touchdown.

End 3-0 (0-3)


I ended the tournament on a 4-0-2 record and 4th pace, which isn't bad. I also came in second for the best painted, which I'm also happy with. But where did it go wrong?

I talked to my wife on the way to the tournament on day 2 and she said that I'd, as always, lose on day 2. She was right and it's because I put pressure on myself for day 2. The games meant something as on day 1, I just played every game, not considering the tournament as a whole. I need to learn from this and go in to day 2 with a more relaxed mind set. I also should have taken a step back in game 4 and reflected on my game plan. I had the feeling "I've got this" on both game 4 and 5, which meant that I lowered my guard a bit. I need to stop that.

The tournament as a whole was great and I'll try to be back next year as well.

Moving forward

Remaining two linemen
I wasn't sure off the roster and I'm going to make some changes to it. I've now painted the remaining two linemen for the team, which enables me to play them as pro elves and the following roster.

1 Treeman
2 Wardancers (Strip Ball)
1 Catcher
7 Linemen (2 Wrestle, Block)
3 Rerolls
1 Fan Factor

I think that this roster fits my play style better as it's more strength 3 players and I'm not relaying on the leader reroll. I'm not sure about the remaining two skills yet, but I'm thinking off putting dodge on two linemen. The guard on the tree is sometimes great, but other times a waste. I guess the same argument could be made for dodge, but I see more use there.
Any suggestions? Frenzy/Tackle on the second wardancer perhaps?

The finished team
Thanks for reading